Paul McClelland, Emmely Kik and Cristine McClure on Compliance and Cruising [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Cruise ship companies have compliance programs, too and in this podcast we are joined by three members of the compliance team of Holland America Group: Paul McClelland, Vice President, Ethics & Compliance Officer, Emmely Kik, Director, Ethics & Compliance, Deputy Ethics & Compliance Officer, and Cristine McClure, Manager, Ethics & Compliance.

Holland America Group is a part of Carnival Corporation & plc and includes 37 ships and four different brands. The compliance program, as they explain, is global in reach and addresses a wide range of risk areas. In addition to the Group compliance team, there are also compliance professionals at other brands within Carnival Corporation.

When the pandemic hit the company had to address a wide range of challenges starting with getting their guests home, not an easy task as borders closed. In addition to the guests there were also 28,000 crew members from 120 countries needing to find a way home as well, provoking a range of solutions, including using the company’s ships as ferries.

In this podcast they relate the role the compliance team played in the crisis and how they are using this pause in the business to improve the compliance program, including updating the compliance charter.

Listen in to learn more about what the compliance team has been doing and to hear their advice on how to work with the business team during challenging times.