Michaela Ahlberg and Anna Romberg on Rethinking the Compliance Program [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

What’s the best overall response for compliance teams to the pandemic? Rather than getting all fancy, Michaela Ahlberg and Anna Romberg, authors of The Grey Zone, believe that it’s best to go back to basics.

In this podcast they argue that it’s important to remember that, at its core, compliance and ethics is about leadership, decisions made (or not), and the willingness to engage in difficult discussions. During this era, it’s important to foster discussions that are open, and to embrace the idea that the answers may not be perfect.

Also worth embracing, they suggest, is the recognition that our colleagues are even more stressed than normal. As a result we need to work collaboratively, help people to see different aspects of problems, and understand that their decisions can have impacts on a wide range of stakeholders.

Listen in to learn more about the virtues of returning to the basics during very complex times.


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