Michael Morgan on Getting and Keeping a Seat at the Table [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

It’s important for compliance to have a seat at the table when a business makes big decisions.  On a practical level, it means compliance can help the business team understand the risks and respond to them appropriately.  On a symbolic level, it’s a sign that compliance is integrated into the organization’s operations.

But earning that seat, and keeping it, can be difficult.  Mike Morgan, Partner at Corsica Partners, knows this well form his years in global ethics and compliance roles.

Experience has shown him that what matters isn’t just whether compliance is at the table, but what kind of influence has.  In this Compliance Perspectives podcast he identifies essential components to having influence:

  • Having metrics. Every other part of the organization is talking in metrics, and without them, compliance can seem less relevant.
  • Concern for the business. Business needs to feel that compliance cares as much about the business and how it functions as the rest of the organization, but that doesn’t mean compliance shouldn’t give up its distance.
  • Knowing your team, resources and self. A strong sense of your assets is essential.
  • Knowledge of people. That includes embracing diversity, understanding human behavior, learning the challenges groups like sales face, and leveraging personality assessments and related tools embraced by your organization.

Listen in to learn more about how to get and stay at the table, and also when it’s time to push your chair back and start walking around the office, too.