Meet Gerry Zack, Incoming CEO of The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Association [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

On October 16, 2017 at the Compliance & Ethics Institute, Roy Snell, the CEO of the SCCE & HCCA, announced that the association’s Board of Directors had selected Gerry Zack as the incoming CEO.  He will take command of the association upon Roy’s retirement in 2019.

Gerry was selected after an extensive selection process that began with a 60-day period soliciting applications through the SCCE and HCCA websites.  Multiple rounds of interviews by members of the board’s succession committee then followed, ultimately leading to his selection as the next CEO.

Gerry has been Managing Director – Global Forensics at BDO for 3 years and CEO of Zack P.C. for 24 years.  He has over 30 years of experience in the prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of fraud, corruption, and noncompliance.

He has served on multiple non-profit and for-profit boards. His Association background includes 11 years as Academy Faculty for and serving as a Board of Regents member at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  He has also held positions as the Chief Operating and the Compliance Officer at the Optical Society, a global organization that is more than 100 years old.

Gerry has been a loyal SCCE member since 2009 and even attended an SCCE Basic Compliance & Ethics Academy.

In this podcast, Gerry shares his experiences with SCCE, what led him to apply for the position as well as his extensive background in compliance and with professional associations.  He also shares how the transition process will proceed over the next year and a half, and his eagerness to further the work of the SCCE and HCCA.


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