Kortney Nordrum on What’s New and Old with Social Media Compliance Risk [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

There’s good news to report on social media, reports Kortney Nordrum, Regulatory Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Deluxe.  Employees are starting to wake up to the risks and realize that what they share on social media has consequences.

But, that doesn’t mean all is well.  Risks remain for employees and their employers.  As she explains in this podcast, people who are likely to make bad decisions continue to do so on social media.  Despite changes in some of the National Labor Relations Board’s policies, employers are still greatly restricted in how they can respond to employee comments online.

Listen in to the podcast as she discusses:

  • Whether or not to monitor employee activity
  • The importance of seeing what is being said about your company online
  • How to handle pre-employment social media scans appropriately

Also, learn how some universities are using social media, including Twitter, to spread compliance messages and reach their people where they are.

Here are some examples she recommends checking out:









  1. Tracing and meeting with narrow minded members of the workforce and discussing issues with them could go a long way to assuage all doubts, , assimilate and accommodate changes in the near and medium term. Distributing content among the workforce in relation to operational activities of the business could strengthen and increase trust as well. As a compliance officer and business leader therefore , I plan to relocate enough time and money to those areas in order to accelerate and achieve these goals. and make nice and futuristic plans with none other than those same members of the workforce to achieve our long term goals.
    This will help concretize the overall vision and ambition of the business as well..

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