Jordan Goldrich on Workplace Bullies [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Jordan Goldrich works with bullies for a living. He is an executive coach and author of Workplace Warrior: People Skills for the No-BS Executive, which is available for free on his website.

As an executive coach, he’s come to know many people with a reputation as a bully, and leverages his own past where he was also perceived as being too aggressive. His take on workplace bullies, not surprisingly is different, seeing them as warriors who have to be taught a different way of working.

In this podcast he argues that bullies don’t want to hurt people. They should be seen, he believes, as people who have an uncommon desire to succeed and, due to a variety of factors, including cultural and familial ones, do so in ways that many find abrasive at the least and well over the line at most.

So, what should you do when encountering a bully? For one, not shy away from the issue.  Instead, you need to be direct, describe their behavior and the impact of it, including the potential liabilities it is creating.

Listen in to learn more about how to confront and work for bullies, and what to do if you are one yourself.