Jay Anstine on Taking a Personal, Empathetic Approach to Compliance [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

A data breach occurs and the thinking immediately flies to the question of how many files were breached. Jay Anstine, Area Compliance Program Director, Western Division Rural Hospitals for Banner Health, argues that’s just the start. Organizations should also take the time to understand the perspective of the victim. It’s an exercise to remember at the time of the breach, but thinking about it before can also have a positive impact on compliance training.

As he points out in this podcast it encourages empathy, which can transform the way we think about compliance education. Suddenly it’s a lot less about specific rules and regulations and about the more easily-relatable and far more memorable human costs of a compliance failure.

The importance of empathy doesn’t stop there.  He encourages compliance teams to take a more empathetic approach in general. That includes being attuned to the rest of the organization’s awareness of compliance, being sure to let them know you understand what they are saying and ensuring you are communicating in a way that they can relate to.

Listen in to learn more about the benefits of a more human, empathetic approach to compliance.