Jannica Houben and Travis Waugh on Interactive Policies [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

In a perfect world, whenever employees face a difficult decision or outright compliance issue, the right policy would automatically pop up in front of them. While that is not likely to happen soon, Jannica Houben, Vice President, Global Legal Transformation and Travis Waugh, Director, Training, both at TD SYNNEX can envision a word in which Outlook could spot issues as they are typed, flag them for the employee and give guidance and pointers to where to call for help.

Until then, there are still many things compliance teams can do using off the shelf software to automate compliance processes. It’s a topic they explore in the podcast and in greater depth in their Session “Interactive Policies: Using Technology to Enhance Decision-Making” at the 2023 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute.

So how do you create this automated future? They recommend beginning by thinking not about what tool you want, but what benefits you want the tool to deliver. Think about the value you want to provide and what would make employees’ lives easier. In addition, expect an iterative process: you won’t get everything right the first time.

Once you have that in mind, you can begin the pursuit of the tool itself.

At TD SYNNEX the compliance team tried to create the path of least resistance for employees to compliance, including developing an adaptive policy guidance tool. Using BRYTER, which requires no coding, they developed a tool which asks a series of questions to determine what the issue is, gives advice and routes a form to the employee’s manager. The manager can then add notes and recommendations.

The tool has a dashboard that can track the whole process. It also can help identify gaps and what the organizations risks are, what policies need to be created and when more training is required.

This program has freed up time for the compliance team, enabling it to invest in relationships and add more value.

Getting started is surprisingly easy, they report. Listen in for more inspiration, and then don’t miss their session at the 2023 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute.