James Green on Compliance and Crisis Management [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

When a compliance breach occurs, one would expect the compliance team to be a part of the crisis management team.  Crisis management expert James Green argues that compliance needs to be a part of the crisis management team regardless of the incident.  That’s because even a response to a natural disaster may have compliance implications.

For example, if a flood makes your office inaccessible, it may seem just fine to have employees work from home.  But, what if they are interacting with personal data?  Is their home network secure enough to protect it or are you opening yourself up to the risk of a data breach?

This edition of the Compliance Perspectives podcast also includes other important advice for managing a crisis, including:

  • Pick crisis committee members not based on their title but based on their knowledge of how the business works
  • Be sure your response is a fit with your culture, or you may end up creating even more problems
  • Know in advance which authorities you need to contact, what method – mail, email, fax, phone – must be used, and by what date
  • Make sure you keep your employees informed about what’s going on; it’s better than them finding out through the media
  • Revisit your crisis plan regularly and test it periodically

Listen in to the podcast now.  You’ll be glad you did when the next crisis hits.