The Importance of Having HR in a Growing Business


By Katie Jones
Content Outreach, Orlajames

The biggest debate of all time starts with the evergreen question, “Do Start Ups and Growing Business need Human Resources?” The answer to this question is a resounding, “YES!” Startups and growing business are the fuel that runs most established businesses. If smaller sized companies are able to generate higher amounts of revenues, then it stands to reason that the world economy is moving in a positive direction. Embracing operational change and strategizing to fit dynamic market structures is something that growing business are able to adapt to at a faster rate.

Today, the challenges faced by start-ups have changed. They are majorly lean and flat structures that bank heavily on talented people. Startups usually comprise of founders or directors and a core team of highly energized, enthusiastic people. Invariably, roles and job descriptions have a habit of seamlessly blending into each other with functions and structures being blurred across lines.

Growth defines the people working for you, and as such, the growth potential of your employees needs to be assessed at regular time intervals. You constantly need the right talent to hone and grow your business with their specialist training and reach. Most talent is sought only through extensive screening, recruitment, and training. Subject matter experts in fields that you want are difficult to find. To attract such talent, you need a team of HR experts that can attract, encourage, and retain them. Employee engagement works at its best when involved daily. Finn from agreed “We felt it was important for us to have some sort of HR and since it was out of employee budget, we had someone double as human resources to begin with to trial the benefits of it.”

Most growing business owners are reluctant to employ Human Resource professionals in full term positions since it skews with their predefined employee budgets. But what they don’t understand is that specialists in HR are able to ensure that your talent stays secure and you only get the best. Compliance, payroll, performance management, training, and onboarding functions aren’t something that you might want to pay attention to but are the need of every growing business. This can be under control only with the help of a focused HR who understands your company’s growth and expansion plans.

Hiring Human Resource professionals at full-time positions might unbalance your employee budget slightly, but will save you additional recruitment, retention, and training costs later. Another aspect to consider is that most employees look for a formal structure at their organization so that they are able to plan their self-development and career path. If your organizational structure is too flat, there might be a higher rate of employee attrition. You need to have sound strategies in place to combat attrition and ensure equal distribution of responsibility amongst your employees. It is hazardous for your organization to lose an employee after you’ve invested time, effort, energy, and money in him/ her.

There need to be effective measures in place to address grievances and discontent in workplaces. You need to ensure that your employees integrate with your work ecosystem in a seamless manner. A sound recruitment, onboarding and retention strategy assures that you have set differentiators specific to your company and its needs. This does not mean that you and your employee cannot have an easy and slightly informal work culture. Most companies do not have an issue if the work is done in time and correctly. But employees taking naps, extra-long breaks and unscheduled leaves, are bound to hamper your growth.

HR professionals can help streamline your entire recruitment strategy and contribute greatly to your employee brand value and personal branding. While most growing businesses fall on the halfway mark with brand recognition, a good HR will ensure that your employees contribute greatly to company culture and are able to gain a sense of job satisfaction while doing so. This also helps employees be part of expansion projects and ways forward for your company. As you envision the future, so will they. This symbiotic relationship between you and your employees can only be maintained with the help of a dedicated HR professional who will help the organization grow. HR professionals help in building a positive company culture that in turn, helps the company grow in the long run.

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Katie Jones loves to write, travel, practice yoga and read at any available moment! Currently doing content outreach for Orla James she adores living by the sea in Brighton UK with all of its creative opportunities that it brings.


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