Greg Triguba on Using Incentives in Your Compliance Program [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Most companies are well-versed in handling discipline in the context of a compliance failure.  But when it comes to the other side of the coin – providing incentives for and reward good behavior – many struggle.  That’s a problem given that providing incentives is one of the elements of an effective compliance program.

Greg Triguba, one of the faculty members at the SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academies, argues that incentives may be more important than discipline.  People want to see what the company cares about in a positive way, and simply having incentives for good behavior, like having them for sales, says that this is what the company cares about.

In this podcast, recorded at the SCCE Academy in Amsterdam, Greg addresses:

  • The importance of the compliance and ethics team having a seat at the table when the company is formulating its incentives program
  • The use of past failures to make the case for including incentives
  • Using the code of conduct as a basis for setting standards
  • Thinking beyond cash incentives

Listen in.  You’ll find his thoughts on incentives rewarding.