Gerry Zack’s 2019 Update [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

In November 2018 Gerry Zack assumed the CEO role of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and Health Care Compliance Association.  It was the culmination of a well-choreographed and seamless transition between Gerry and long-time CEO Roy Snell.

Now that Gerry fully has the reigns of the organization he sat down in the podcast to discuss what he has learned about the association, the state of the compliance profession, vision for the next few years, and what the association will be bringing our members.  He also shares what not to expect from SCCE and HCCA:  a decrease in our commitment to customer service.

Listen in to learn about what he has seen and what he sees coming as we strive to meet the needs of the fast-changing and very diverse compliance and ethics community, including changes to the magazines and websites, new digital publications and more.


  1. With respect to customer service I just want to add that I have received nothing less than top tier customer service whenever I call, email, or speak in person with staff from the HCCA/SCCE.

    Certainly I’ve had to leave a voicemail from time to time. However, I cannot recall one instance when someone did not return my call or an email in a timely manner.

    With that in mind…and totally off the cuff so my apologies if I miss anyone…a big shout out to Liz, Doug, Tracey, Margaret, Patricia, Matt, Pang, Catherine, Lori, Beckie..the list goes on…as each time I’ve interacted with each of them, they’ve made me feel like my question mattered and they responded in kind.

    I think that’s about the best example of the level of customer service that any organization can try to achieve.

    Thanks to all of you!

    I hope others who may read this take a moment or two to thank someone at HCCA/SCCE for the customer service that they have provided.

    See some of you in Boston!

    • Thanks, Frank, for noticing the good service and for your kind words. We are very proud of the team here. Looking forward to seeing you in Boston.

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