Ethikos Weekly Editor’s Picks – January 21, 2014


Ethikos Weekly Editor’s Picks

Examining Business Ethics Since 1987

Editor’s Top Choice:Survey shows corporate culture is key driver of whistleblowersResearch of 926 employees from around the world at VitalSmarts shows that the primary predictor of corporate rectitude is creating a culture where employees regularly feel both motivated and able to hold people accountable for garden variety complaints—when they do, the study shows they are six times more likely to blow the whistle on major corporate ethics violations, according to Harvard Business Review. Read more.

Other Featured Picks of the Week

Aaron Beam educates group on slippery slope in business ethics

Author and former Lifemark employee Aaron Beam tours the United States telling groups about the fraudulent practices he was sucked into during his employment and business dealings with Richard Scrushy, according to

Beam was a keynote speaker at the HCCA 2012 Compliance Institute. Read more.

Korea’s big three shipbuilders commit to ethical business practices

Following bribery scandals in 2013, Korea’s big three shipbuilders—Daewoo Shipbuilding, Marine Engineering and Samsung  Heavy—Industries have recently taken measures to prevent bribery and corruption, according to the Korea Joong Ang Daily.

Hyundai Heavy Industries, the nation’s largest ship manufacturer recently held an “ethics management resolution” event during a management strategy seminar, according to the Korea Joong Ang DailyRead more.

Have you experienced business ethics failures by employees at work?

Despite hundreds of pages of policies, codes of business ethics, organizational values, and carefully defined company cultures, lapses in business ethics occur every day at work. The failure of employees to practice fundamental business ethics comes in all forms and sizes, both far reaching and close to home. Some ethical lapses affect individual employees. Other business ethics problems hurt whole work groups, and in the worst cases, whole companies and all of the stakeholders in the company suffer as a result. You probably witness employees failing to practice sound business ethics every day. Readers share their experiences with business ethics failures in this piece. Read more.

Bechtel’s Higgins stresses ethics

Nancy Higgins is chief ethics and compliance officer at Bechtel Corp., an engineering and construction company with 53,000 employees that does business in nearly 50 countries. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, she discussed her approach to compliance and how she got into the field. Read more.

Apple Inc. rating cut for ethical reasons

According to Value Walk, a Wall Street analyst is trying to take a stand for Apple’s Chinese workers by zeroing in on Apple and telling CNBC that he cut his rating on the company’s stock on “moral and ethical grounds.” Read more.

MBA student’s offer their view of the state of business ethics in America

According to Forbes, students in Endicott College’s MBA program offered their perspective on “ethics.” Samantha Mullen stated, “The state of ethics today is skewed by news headlines about inider trading and the millions of dollars involved in these crimes. What does that mean for the state of business ethics in American business? I’m willing to bet that it does not mean good morals are on the rise.” Read more.

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