Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: How to Handle Ethics-Related Disputes


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How to handle ethics-related disputes

By David Robbins for National Defense

Proper business ethics is not only good business, but also required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation. However, there are times when contractors and the government do not have the same view of what proper business ethics are.

Industry executives must know how to handle delicate situations where the government — acting either as customer or as regulator — represents that a contractor’s ethics program or level of ethical business operations are not as robust as they should be.  Read more

Are medtech ethics codes up to snuff?

By Nancy Crotti for MD+DI

The rapid evolution of medtech has left many aspects of the industry scrambling to keep up, including its business ethics.

The scramble is evident worldwide and in the United States. At the recent Global MedTech Compliance Conference in Paris, 26 international and regional medtech associations that make up the Global Medical Technology Alliance announced they had adopted “globally harmonized ethical business principles across their respective member associations.” Read more

Germany creates ethics rules for autonomous vehicles

By Peter van der Schaft for Robotics Business Review

Germany has implemented new ethics rules for autonomous cars that address ethical questions relating to the technology. This spring, the country’s Ethics Commission of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, released guidelines for self-driving cars. The commission included 14 scientists and legal experts, and the ministry said it would implement and enforce them. Read more

Another Netflix disruption: A transparent board

By Bill Snyder for Insights by Stamford Business

Netflix is known to tens of millions of consumers as the company that supplies them with a huge library of binge-worthy streaming videos and mail-order DVDs. But there’s a side to Netflix that consumers never see: The $133 billion company has developed a unique corporate governance structure that brings its board of directors much closer to management and arms them with a rich and accessible trove of operational information.  Read more


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