Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Happy Birthday Sarbanes-Oxley: Let’s Talk Global Ethics and Regulation


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Happy Birthday Sarbanes-Oxley: Let’s talk global ethics and regulation

By Dina Medland for Forbes
Are you confident your employees will report unethical behavior?  Less than a third of C-suite and other executives- or 32.5% — polled by Deloitte are willing to say that they are, giving fresh impetus to an ongoing debate Read more

Who is your business hero

By Elliot Begoun for Huffington Post
We all have them, heroes. Those people whom we try to emulate, our teachers, trail blazers, and mentors.

I lost one of those this week. Norman McClelland, the former Chairman of Shamrock Foods Company, passed away this week at the age of 90.

To me, Norman was presidential, regal, a man of deep integrity. He was my hero. Read more

Compliance professionals: What should they monitor in anticorruption?

By Henry J. Schumacher for Business Mirror
I recently wrote about the arrival of a new tribe: the compliance professionals, and indicated the areas where their services are needed in organizations. Today, let me focus on specific tasks which are in line with the control processes the Integrity Initiative has developed over time. What are those tasks that he or she has to monitor? Read more

Two-thirds of corporations ignore corruption in their supply chains

By Jonathan Webb for Forbes
A recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit has revealed a significant shortfall in the ethical performance of major corporations in supply chain management. Fewer than a third looked to address corruption and bribery issues with their suppliers. This was despite respondents high regard as to their company’s sustainability policies. Read more

How Uber can emerge from its scandals as a more ethical company

By Andrew J. Hawkins for The Verge
To put it lightly, Uber has had a rough couple months. After the departure of its CEO Travis Kalanick and many of his top deputies following several months of nonstop scandals and controversies, the company finds itself in the unique position to hit the reset button. Naturally, a lot of experts and pundits have been weighing in with a variety recommendations for how Uber can rebuild its tattered image.

But a new coalition of labor unions, accessibility advocates, and consumer rights groups has emerged with its own list of suggestions. This group is urging Uber to look beyond the insular world of its employees, board members, and investors to a much broader one that includes hundreds of thousands of drivers and millions of customers. Read more


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