Cindy Matson on Rocking Your Auditing and Monitoring Plan [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Auditing and monitoring are essential elements of compliance programs and an ongoing challenge for organizations.  Many struggle with what to assess, how often and who should do the assessing.

To help compliance professionals address this challenge, Cindy Matson, Senior Executive Director, Compliance, Sanford Health and two of her colleagues led a session on the topic at the 2018 Compliance Institute.  Cindy was also good enough to sit down for a podcast.

Here she lays down practical advice for auditing and monitoring including:

  • How frequently you should assess specific elements of your program
  • The need to taking a risk-based approach to auditing and monitoring
  • The value of audit histories
  • Working with internal audit collaboratively
  • Understanding precisely what it is you are auditing

Listen in, and start rocking your auditing and monitoring efforts.