Christopher Knight and Megan Grifa on Fraud and Compliance [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Fraud and compliance issues often go hand in hand, which is why it’s important for fraud and compliance teams to work closely together. Christopher Knight (LinkedIn) of Knight Vision Fraud Investigations and Megan Grifa (LinkedIn), Senior Director, Compliance Oversight for Sidecar Health, will be addressing the fraud-compliance relationship at the 2023 HCCA Compliance Institute, taking place in Anaheim April 23-26.

In this podcast that point out that communication and follow up are central to building successful connections between fraud and compliance. Each needs to let the other know what it is doing, what has been found and what is coming up next. Also of great value:  setting up mechanisms to force yourselves to connect at a certain cadence to keep the lines of communication open.

In addition, they advise taking the time to get to know each other on a personal level. That will help build the trust that is essential when addressing a crisis.

Even during more normal times it’s essential to cooperate, aligning program structures and sharing risk assessments. Compliance teams can benefit from data mining and analytics tools that fraud has. Meantime, the fraud team can benefit from the seven elements approach used by compliance.

Listen in and then plan on learning more at the 2023 Compliance Institute.