Chrissy Kyak on Privacy Investigations in a Virtual World [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Privacy continues to be a challenging issue for healthcare providers. Chrissy Kyak, Compliance & Privacy Officer for Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center and MedStar Health Research Institute reports that problems remain with people viewing family member data, and COVID diagnoses.

Staying on top of the issue requires ongoing vigilance, and the use of software that can potentially flag improper data access, she reports in this podcast. She will also be addressing the topic at the 2021 HCCA 25th Annual Compliance Institute, taking place April 19-22.

When it comes to conducting an investigation, she reports that interviewing may have gotten easier.  Subjects are more relaxed, she finds, in the virtual setting.

In terms of interviewing strategy, she typically shares that she saw something in the audit, asks their perspective and what the access was for.

In those cases where the investigation begins with a report from the hotline, she will ask the subject if he/she is aware of the policy and why do they think there is a meeting. Most report a lack of awareness of the policy.

Often she has discovered a lack of training is the culprit. That’s a problem that can, of course, be remedied. When doing so she finds it best to focus on giving people the information they need to get through the day right now. They don’t need a lot of legalese, especially with staff stretched so thin by the pandemic.

Listen in to gain more of her expertise, and be sure to join us for the 25th Annual Compliance Institute.


  1. Very well done Chrissy! Glad to see that MedStar continues to do so well in the compliance and privacy arena!

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