Chris Davenport on Getting the Helpline to Ring [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Most every compliance team would like the helpline to ring more, and Brooks Rehabilitation was no different, explains Compliance Operations Manager Christine Davenport (LinkedIn). To increase call volume they adopted a snappy slogan – “Better call compliance” – and put together a full marketing campaign to support it.

The efforts paid off big, doubling the number of calls over four years.

It wasn’t the slogan alone that helped. Central to their success was the combination of good internal marketing along with a serious behind the scenes effort to ensure that calls were acted on.

The team captured data on which line of business the call came from, type of issue and what response was provided. The data was kept on a shared drive to streamline the process and make it simple to spot a repeated question. This both saved work and decreased the time of response. Common areas of employee concerns included HIPAA and receiving gifts from patients.

When responding to calls, the compliance team, wherever possible, included information about the underlying regulatory requirement. This helped provide employees with context and enabled them to better educate themselves.

The compliance team also looked beyond the questions and treated the calls as a way to start a conversation and reassure employees that calling didn’t automatically get them or someone else in trouble.

Listen in to learn more about their efforts and get some ideas about how to convince your workforce it better call compliance.