Bret Bissey and James Rose on ERM, GRC and Compliance Risk Management [Podcast]

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Post By: Adam Turteltaub

The relationships between Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and compliance risk management is a complex and confusing one.  There is the potential for overlap and even conflict.

To help clear the air and improve the relationship among the various approaches to risk, Bret Bissey, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, Gateway Health and James Rose (LinkedIn), Managing Director, SunHawk Consulting will be leading a session “Establishing the Enterprise ERM/GRC Strategy with Compliance in Mind at the 2022 HCCA Compliance Institute, which will be taking place online and in Phoenix March 28-31.

In this podcast they offer a wealth of advice for compliance teams including:

  • Having the right sponsor is key
  • This is about having a dialogue cross the organization
  • The goal is to help business operators achieve their goals
  • A good process helps prevent surprises
  • There are naturally going to be some tensions, particularly when it comes to allocating resources
  • Expect different views of how much data should be tracked and how useful it will be
  • Be sure to capture the goals and interests of the C-suite and board

Listen in to learn more and then join us in person or online for the 2022 HCCA Compliance Institute.