Bill Piwonka on Privacy, Consent and Compliance [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

With the consent requirements built into privacy regimes, you can’t help but focus on them. Bill Piwonka, Chief Marketing Officer at Exterro, cautions, though, that there is much more than consent to worry about.

Consent is very specific around whether people you are interacting with giving you permission to have and use their data for specific purposes. Much focus is given to the pop-up warnings on websites and cookies.

Compliance teams, he advises, need to look at all the places where the organization collects data and uses data, including apps, to ensure proper consent is obtained.

One other area not to be overlooked: Data subject access requests. It can be an enormous undertaking when a consumer demands to know what information you have on her or him.

Even more daunting are similar requests by departing employees. Think of the hundreds of thousands if not millions, of documents that contain data from an employee, everything from HR records to emails to conversation on Teams.

So great is the challenge of tracking them all down that employees are starting to use the threat of requiring all this data as a way to leverage a better severance package.

Listen in to learn more about these issues and what you need to do to prepare to meet your privacy compliance obligations.