Ant Stevens on Putting AI to Work for Your Compliance Program [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

When discussing AI around compliance professionals these days you can instantly feel the tension. AI, for all its promise, has proven to be a bit of a compliance and ethics nightmare. Stories abound of AI embracing redlining and other discriminatory practices.

Anthony “Ant” Stevens, CEO and Founder of Melbourne, Australia-based 6Clicks sees opportunities, though, for putting AI to work for your compliance program. It has the potential, he believes, to streamline activities, better tie policies to the underlying legal requirements and enable compliance teams to better understand the overlap of similar laws around the world.

In this podcast he explains how the technology can help compliance operations, particularly ChatGPT.

He also makes clear that there are limits to AI. A human element remains important for ensuring that what AI says makes sense, both on its face and for your workplace.

Listen in to learn more about how AI can stop being the stuff of a compliance professional’s nightmares and start becoming a dream come true.