Andre Bywater on Whistleblowing in Europe [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

In 2019 the European Union introduced a set of common whistleblower rules for its member countries. As Andre Bywater, partner at Cordery Compliance explains in this podcast, previously there was a bit of a hodgepodge of country by country rules.

The EU directive sets out rules about anonymity, routes for whistleblowing, retaliation prevention as well as privacy, which remains a tricky area. Organizations are likely going to need to conduct impact assessments, watch how they respond to subject action requests and keep their eyes out for how they balance the directives requirements against GDPR.

So, how can organizations move forward? Andre offers several recommendations:

  1. Chose your helpline provider wisely
  2. Be straightforward with employees
  3. Encourage employees to be judicious when naming names
  4. Handle whistleblowing data securely
  5. Stay on top of notification requirements
  6. Be mindful of record retention policies
  7. Train your workforce

Listen in to learn more and get the details about how your organization can best comply with GDPR and the EU whistleblower directive.