Alexander Stein on Bringing Psychoanalytic Insight Into Compliance Programs [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Alexander Stein doesn’t approach compliance in a typical way.  Instead, as the Founder of Dolus Advisors and Principal in The Boswell Group, he sees it through the lens of his Ph.D. in psychoanalysis.

In this podcast, he uses his perspective to cast a different light on the subject of compliance management.  For him, it’s not a question of “what were they thinking” when they do something wrong but “Why do you assume that they were thinking?”  He explains that we often operate in a reflex mode and don’t really consider our decisions thoroughly.

Listen in as he discusses:

  • The belief that there are rogue employees
  • The limits of trying to control behavior
  • The weaknesses of controls in general
  • The importance of root cause analysis
  • The limits of hiring screening
  • The good and bad in all of us


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