Alan Dillane on Effective Remediation [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

When an investigation is done, the work isn’t.  Some form of remediation is likely necessary, not just to discipline a bad actor, but to ensure the issue doesn’t repeat itself.

As Alan Dillane, Global Remediation Program Manager at Dell explains in this podcast, traditionally investigations were focused on who did what, and then moved on.  Investigators often didn’t have time to work on large remediation processes.

To solve this problem, Dell dedicated resources to remediation.  Under the Dell approach investigator can focus on the investigation, then the remediation team takes over.

The remediation team assesses the dollar and reputational risk.  It then works with investigators to understand the issue more deeply.  Then the team begins working with the business units to resolve the issue for the long term.

Listen in to lean more, and, if you can, don’t miss Alan’s session on the topic at the 2020 European Compliance and Ethics Institute.