Adrian Taylor, Ahmed Salim and Nakis Urfi on ESG and DEI [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

One of the more well-attended sessions at the SCCE 22nd Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute, promises to be “ESG and DEI: How to Position for Stakeholder Success”. The session will be lead by Adrian Taylor, Director of Diversity, Premier Health; Ahmed Salim, Chief Compliance Officer, iRhythym; and Nakis Urfi, Product Compliance Officer, Babylon Health.

ESG and DEI are two of the hottest issues in compliance, and in this podcast preview of their session they start by taking on a controversial topic: Should DEI and ESG be combined? Traditionally, DEI has been its own discipline. Many now argue it should considered a part of the S (Social) in ESG, while others feel that doing so would diminish the emphasis on DEI.

Ideally, DEI should not be affected by being included in ESG, they say. If handled correctly, it can maintain its focus and management commitment and even strengthen ESG efforts. When the two are aligned they create a more sustainable business model that balances people, profit and planet. Together they can also help foster engagement with stakeholders, improve culture, encourage greater accountability, and help the company’s reputation.

To be successful, Nakis, Ahmed and Adrian argue, organizations need to manage four key challenges of ESG ratings:

  1. A limited focus on DEI
  2. Having accurate, valid data
  3. A lack of standardization
  4. Subjectivity

All of these can lead to ratings that are more judgement scores than a true measure of an organization’s commitment to DEI and ESG.

Listen in to learn more, including how to identify data that is truly useful for measuring your organization’s DEI and ESG success.

Then, don’t miss their session at the SCCE 22nd Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute.