If (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling)



By anonymous

If you stand for right when all around you
Pressures build and you feel alone,
If you trust yourself when others doubt you
But knowing that you’ve not been shown
The be-all, end-all Ethics Light, which makes you
Know it all, and more,
You listen well and work with others
Building ethics and rapport:

If you navigate between the rocks of
Zealotry and compromise,
Known as one who stands for right but
Not one prone to moralize;
If you laugh at jokes of “Here comes Ethics; quiet
everybody, now,”
Jokes you’ve heard a million times but
Make you chuckle anyhow:

If you build relationships where others
Trust you and communicate
Instead of hiding things, they call to
Seek advice, perhaps debate;
Ethics in the culture’s fabric,
Reinforced by everyone;
That’s the goal we all are after
The job of all and not of one:

If you can stop from overreaching,
Stepping onto business toes,
Not all nails need ethics hammers,
Don’t wrap all in ethics bows;
If you can do all this and more
Enthusiastic all the way,
Success in ethics you will find
And build your culture every day.

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