What are the Habits of Highly Ethical Leaders? An Experiment in Crowd Sourcing Compliance Content


Nic Profile-01By Nicole Rose
CEO of Create Training

We are a generation of sharers. We share and comment online.  We purchase online. We use social media to write and read reviews of where we go, what we buy and what we see.  Let’s face it, social media is our regular tool when it comes to making decisions, seeking information, researching and sharing content. ‘We’ online contributors and purchasers are better known as Generation C. According to Google, “we are a powerful and global group of consumers who thrive on creation, curation, connection, and community”.

We are also a generation of self-learners. 10 years ago we may have been called geeks, but we are now known as gurus. We learn what we need to know when we need to know it from the comfort of our smart phone or portable device. We also like to learn quickly and effectively. Whether it’s YouTube clips, Podcasts, TED talks and the numerous online courses out there, we are spending more time on doing online self-learning than ever before.

So if we are living in this ‘Generation’ of sharing and self-learning, why confine or, indeed, limit compliance messages and training to in-house training platforms? Obviously, online in-house training is critical, mandatory and necessary but if we can also inspire people with compliance messages outside of the normal workplace, why not? Why not share compliance messages more generally so that anyone can access them from the comfort of their portable device? And then, why not go one step further and actually source the content from people in order to make it as relevant and useful as possible?

So I conducted an experiment to source content for ethical leadership training

I asked LinkedIn members to tell me what one habit they considered a leader needed to develop in order to be ethical. I was inundated with responses. I grouped these together and developed this training on ethical leadership. I called it ‘Here’s to the ethical ones’ as a tribute and spin off of the Steve Jobs brilliant ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ and shared it with everyone who commented and contributed.

I originally did this for International Anticorruption Day on 9 December. However, this training is now widely available on YouTube with the hope that as many Generation Cs and gurus as possible will share this training internally and on social media.

Is ‘IntegrityFlix’ really so far away?

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