2019 SCCE CEI Guest Blogs: Gifts from Strangers – The Generous Nature of the Compliance Community



By Mona Kay Gorman

Do you call home when you’re at a conference? I do. Since this was my first SCCE Institute, of course I was asked how I was enjoying the conference. I thought about all the answers I could share about my experience but my answer was simple: “Everyone is so nice!”

Meeting people you’ve followed through publications, podcasts, and LinkedIn is gratifying enough, but I was struck by the generosity of everyone at SCCE. People l had never met took time out of their busy schedules to sit and chat with me (Samantha Kelen, Matt Kelly). Presenters spoke with me minutes before their presentations began (Mary Shirley, Lisa Fine). If I captured every pearl I’d be writing until tomorrow, so here are 3 tips from people who shared their experience about making the most of the SCCE community:

  1. Just get started. Don’t feel intimidated; if there’s something you want to do (write, speak, etc.,) just do it.
  2. Find out what you can offer which is valuable and uniquely you.
  3. ASK! People will help you if you need something (which was proven this week). It’s highly likely that someone has what you need – and the other way around.

I was nervous to reach out to people I had never met in person, but everyone was so responsive and welcoming. The gifts I took away will be of benefit long after the conference ends.