2019 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: First Impressions


By Pat Hofmaster

I’m on my third career in healthcare, Compliance and Privacy, and this is my third HCCA annual institute. And the third time the conference has been in an impressive venue and very well run. The content so far has been great. I always come away with tidbits of information from the CMS and OIG general sessions. I love that this is a standard part of all the HCCA annual institutes. This is the first year there has been a Behavioral Health track and I am happy about that but the first BH session I attended was not as described. Interesting, but not what I expected. I am off to the second BH session shortly and hope to gain more knowledge and network with colleagues with similar challenges being the ‘red-headed stepchild’ of healthcare. I am grateful to HCCA and all the many resources it offers its members. I am so happy to see Behavioral Health added as a focus area.