2019 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Face to Face is So Much Better


By Marie Wagner

I don’t get to the Compliance Institute every year, so it is such a treat when I get the opportunity to communicate face to face with my “virtual family” of participants on the HCCAnet. Arriving in Boston early on Saturday after a red-eye connection through LAX, I took a short nap and then met up with folks for the Volunteer event. The two-hour shift at Cradle to Crayons flew by in a flash. I was part of Team Clothing Sorter, and we had felt very gratified at the contribution we were able to make to this amazing organization. After some shopping, I met with more of the HCCAnet family at a casual dinner. It was great to catch up with those I had met before and to meet “the newbies.” Sunday sessions have been so engaging, and I already have a list of things “to do” when I get home to help strengthen our Corporate Compliance Program. I’m looking forward to more great conversations with compliance colleagues, and to the wisdom that is sure to be found in the remaining conference sessions. Really enjoying Boston!