2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Networking…A Must at HCCA

By Harald Upegui

A few weeks ago, I was getting excited to attend my third HCCA conference. Now that I am here, I am feeling more connected to the Compliance Program and the industry.

I am a firm believer of networking. It provides value to the learning process and an opportunity to share our knowledge. So this year I registered for the Speed Networking and Braindate events.

The Speed Networking allowed me to meet seven new individuals in the compliance world. From Attorneys to COO’s, the diversity of the members attending the event made it fun, made it productive, and created connections to continue learning about Compliance. Looking forward to doing so next year again.

The Braindate was a more detailed encountered. I had the opportunity to connect with an expert in HIPAA, Policies, and Security. He took the time to explain the subject and provided great samples that fill in some gaps in my knowledge.

So if you have not done so, take a pick at the Braindate opportunity and connect with others. I am looking into another Braindate session soon.

Enjoy the conference and make someone smile.