2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute Guest Blogs: Welcome to Las Vegas! Thank You SCCE


By Vinca Russell

I’ve lost count of exactly how many CEI conferences I’ve been to — but suffice it to say, I’ve been to several. I just asked how many attendees are here this year, and was told, “80 fewer than last year…” which I can hardly believe since it appears to me to be the most highly attended conference in my memory… It’s a rush to navigate the halls and eavesdrop (appropriately :)) on the energetic conversations among attendees!

It was heartwarming to hear our leader, Roy Snell, give his goodbyes this morning and recount all he’s seen since starting his journey with SCCE. Little story – I was in transition between jobs several years ago, and I was doing anything I could think of to meet and network with new people in the ethics and compliance field. I contacted SCCE with an idea for a conference session and ended up speaking directly with Roy… I was dumbfounded and so impressed by his humble nature and thoughtful inquiries into my ideas. I know he will be missed.

CCEP certified since 2009, I’ve learned so much from SCCE and the connections I’ve made. Thank you for this professional group that is doing its part to create ethical companies … which, in turn, create a more ethical world. I hope to see you again in 2019!