2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute Guest Blogs: Compliance in Vegas, Who Knew?


By Susan Mukindia

When I learned of this conference and that it would be in Las Vegas, I thought to myself, “no way, is this a trick?” This conference combined my two passions: compliance and great fun.  So I decided I’ll attend. It took me 3 flights and 21hrs to get here all the way from Kenya, but I was so excited. The Las Vegas signs right next to the airport and the gambling machines all over (although not a gambler) just got me revved up.

This morning when I landed at the Ceasars Palace, I got lost a couple of times, but everything was still good because the sessions I’d been looking forward to, have been worth it and it’s only the first day. Technology, compliance, and recent developments have a way of getting my attention and I definitely learned a great deal out of those sessions. The word of the day is phishing!!! I learned that today as well. Also, the morning session on Compliance 101 was absolutely eye-opening with great people with even greater insights. I’m so looking forward to the next few days.