2017 Compliance & Ethics Institute Guest Blogs: Untitled

By Krystal Jones

‘… and the struggle is finding and making the business process owner understand they need to OWN the process…’

Wait. Was this speaker at my desk last week?!? As someone very new to the C&E world (6.25 months but who’s counting) and part of a developing C&E program, it’s hard sometimes to understand my place. I cannot understate the value of being around folks that speak the language, have similar experiences, are willing to listen to your story and share their own. They say it takes a community, and SCCE is that community for C&E folks, new and established. Before this conference I felt I was in the dark in terms of my career, stumbling into C&E but not having a concrete idea where I wanted to go. Now I’m invigorated. I finally grasp how noble the profession is, what a truly natural fit it is for my personality. For the first time in years, I can’t wait to return to work. Thank you for that, I have a mission again.