2017 Compliance & Ethics Institute Guest Blogs: Compliance 101 with Debbie Sheryl

By Jennifer Hershberger

This is my first time attending the institute, so I wasn’t sure what I was in for. I walked around and attended a few sessions, but one stood out as my over-all favorite; compliance 101. I will confess I did read their book before hand, so it seemed as though it was a refresher, but I will say everything I read, over and over again, finally all fell into place. They were engaging, knowledgeable and encouraged you to really think about your current compliance structure.

Debbie started out the session saying this would be a basic session on compliance, but I feel as though everything I was struggling to understand was all answered in that one session, and I have been in compliance for 6 years! I would recommend this session to anyone attending any future institute, as well as anyone taking the certification exam.