Roy J. Snell and Joel A. Rogers on Integrity and IntegrityWorks, Pt. 2 [Video]


Post by: Karen Latchana Kenney

How do you break down the broad concept of having “integrity”? What does it mean in practical terms? Integrity isn’t something that can be described simply, yet it’s something that’s demonstrated in every moment—through the words you choose, the actions you take, and the decisions you make. These are the practical moments where integrity can be consciously practiced and honed.

Watch Joel A. Rogers of Steele Compliance Wave and Roy J. Snell, former CEO and cofounder of SCCE & HCCA, discuss the processes and practices people can try to have more moments of integrity. They’re found in Roy’s new book, IntegrityWorks: Tools and Skills to Build Integrity, and described through:

  • Four chapters on distinct areas that affect our integrity
  • Processes to recognize and improve upon those areas
  • Workshop activities to try
  • Quotes and passages from ethical leaders
  • Interviews with compliance industry experts

This segment is one in a series of interviews between Joel and Roy on the topic of integrity. For more information on the book, visit IntegrityWorks: Tools and Skills to Build Integrity.


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