Rebecca Walker on Assessing Your Compliance and Ethics Program [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Even the best of compliance programs require a periodic assessment to see exactly how they are doing.  In fact, one of the signs of a best-in-class compliance program is the fact that it is being assessed regularly.

Rebecca Walker, a partner in the firm Kaplan & Walker, has focused her work on helping companies ensure that their compliance program is meeting its objectives.  In this podcast, we discuss how compliance program assessments should work and some of the benefits of a well-done program review.  Listen in as we discuss:

  • How frequently you should assess your program
  • What to assess on an ongoing basis
  • What should be done during a periodic major assessment
  • The value of benchmarking against your peers
  • Looking to interconnected measurements within your set of metrics
  • Assessing the culture of the organization
  • The difference between a program assessment and risk assessment
  • Mistakes to avoid in conducting program assessments
  • Setting a proper scope for the assessment
  • The importance of ensuring employees are comfortable providing feedback
  • Evaluating employee feedback


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