Michelle Nichols on Compliance Lessons from Dating in Your 50s [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Michelle Nichols (LinkedIn) from the compliance team at Farmer Mac definitely wins the prize for the most unexpected title for a session at the 2024 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute: “How Dating in My 50s Made Me a Better Compliance Officer.”

As she explains in this podcast, the realization that people bring their past relationship experiences to potential new relationships shed light on a challenge compliance teams need to address starting with the onboarding process. While HR typically handles that process, laying out what the company’s policies and expectations are, that doesn’t fully address things. Simply stating that an employee gets x days of vacation may mean one thing to a person who came from a company where people took their vacations and another to someone coming from an organization where not taking vacation was a badge of honor.

Likewise, the new employee may bring unwanted baggage with him or her when assessing their new employer’s culture and commitment to compliance.

Listen in to learn more and learn what this means for both compliance teams and managers, and be sure to attend her session at the 2024 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute.