Michael Canter and Jeff Krask on Making Games Work [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

What do the executive producers of shows like Family Feud, Deal or No Deal and 25 Words or Less have to offer compliance and ethics professionals? As it turns out, Jeff Krask and Michael Canter have quite a lot.

With the increased use of gamification in compliance training there’s a lot to be learned from them in this fun and insightful podcast. Michael and Jeff explain that a good game is one which makes you want to play along automatically. It’s one where you can’t help but answer the questions in your own head.

A good game is also simple. If it takes too long to explain the rules, it’s not going to work.

And, the game is culturally appropriate. What works great in Europe may not work at all in the US.

They also share what the role of the game’s host is and what distinguishes great ones from duds.

Listen in to learn more, and sorry, there’s no bonus round if you do.