Meredith McMonigal on Setting Gifts and Entertainment Policies [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

Few issues are more complex or more open to small things turning in to very big problems than gifts and entertainment policies.  Even the seemingly smallest gift to a government official can open up a very large can of words.

To bring perspective on this compliance challenges, we spoke with Meredith McMonigal U.S. Gifts & Conflicts of Interest Officer at the engineering firm WSP.  Meredith had recently been involved in a comprehensive review of the WSP gifts and entertainment policy.

Listen in on this podcast as she discusses:

  • The importance of coordinating gifts and entertainment policies both globally and locally
  • Managing differences between working with the private and public sectors
  • The importance of starting with the global policy and ensuring consistency
  • Ensuring that the policy will work operationally
  • Viewing the policy as a work in progress so that it can evolve to meet unanticipated situations
  • Using employee training to both share the policy and to learn about issues that you may not have considered
  • Being mindful of client gift and entertainment policies, as well as for conflicts of interests
  • The value of having a gift registry
  • Using the registry to automate compliance auditing and monitoring


  1. This is a very interesting topic and I would love to hear about gifts and entertainment “rules” and “allowances” as it relates to Long term care facilities. Example: family members or residents gifting to the facility and or employees.

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