Justin Ross on the Compliance Challenges of an Essential Business [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

There are few businesses seen as more essential today than FedEx. Its trucks have become a lifeline for many. But just because a company can and must operate, doesn’t mean it enjoys carte blanche to do what it likes. The rules still apply.

So how do you keep your organization within the lines? Justin Ross, Staff Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of Federal Express, advises in this podcast that compliance professionals first realize that employees are distracted, under pressure both at work and at home, and receiving copious amounts of information from all sides. As a result, compliance teams have to be strategic about their communications, focusing on the biggest risks and how they are relevant in the current environment.

Other advice includes:

  • Fall back on the cultural foundation of the organization, especially if it’s a strong one
  • Make sure that acting quickly doesn’t mean cutting corners
  • Remember that the usual risk areas – FCPA, sanctions, export controls — don’t disappear during a crisis
  • Make it safe for employees to come forward

Listen in to learn more about managing today and what the future is likely to hold.


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