Jay Mumford on Metrics, Targets and Response Plans [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Jay Mumford is a long-time compliance veteran and Senior Global Compliance Manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories. There he developed an approach he calls MTR, which stands for Metrics, Targets and Response Plans. It’s an approach, he explains, based on ideas from the quality movement.

At its heart, MTR recognizes that whatever the compliance process may be, there is a need to manage at scale. To do so, you need standards and measurements, targets, and response plans in case you miss those targets.

An MTR approach, because it is disciplined and focused on goals, helps avoid a whack-a-mole approach to compliance. It enables building your program in repeatable ways, whether that’s training or, as was the case for him with document retention, ensuring that all the documents are both accounted for an not retained unnecessarily.

In this podcast he explains how MTR has worked in practice and the technology tools available to compliance teams, typically at no cost, to help them take an MTR approach. These include the Power Platform embedded in Microsoft’s Enterprise platform and Visual Basic for Applications in Excel.

Listen in to learn about how you can put MTR to work for your compliance program.