Jane Mitchell on Engaging Middle Management [Podcast]

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engaging middle management, jane mitchell, ecei

Ethical and effective communications expert, Jane Mitchell and host Kortney Nordrum discuss the importance of engaging middle management, including:

  • Why swimming with sharks may not be a bad thing;
  • Why corporate communication is key for middle managers;
  • Whether middle management is best compared to marzipan or blancmange;
  • Training managers to manage;
  • Why everyone keeps talking about engagement;
  • Reaching the middle and speaking their language;
  • Cultural awareness; and
  • Storytelling for effective communication.

Jane began her early professional career in UK television broadcasting at the BBC on such TV icons as Tomorrow’s World, Grange Hill and Blue Peter. She made a leap into the outside world and began producing award-winning corporate films and videos, which led into helping clients develop a strategic approach to internal communications.

Her work with Rolls-Royce plc took her into the area of communicating Global Codes of Ethics where she was responsible for leading a small in-house team launching and embedding the Code across the company. Since then Jane has continued to work with organizations helping them to make the links between Codes, values, behaviours, ethical leadership, decision-making. Her focus is on encouraging people to understand their individual responsibilities in often challenging corporate environments.

Subsequently, Jane worked with BAE Systems and Diageo plc on various aspects of their ethics programmes and with the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), she helped to develop a newly formed Cable & Wireless Worldwide Company Code.

Since 2005, Jane has operated JL&M Ltd., working with clients including BP, PwC, KPMG, Serco, and Schlumberger for whom she has worked on a variety of aspects of their ethics programs. She has also worked with the US-based non-profit, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) advising them on the creation and embedding of their inaugural Code of Ethical Behavior.

In Jane’s own words:

“I advise, ‘guide’ and support (some might say challenge), leaders in organisations large and small, as they find ways to embed their ethics, values-based leadership and behaviours. At the heart of my work is the principle that people willingly take responsibility for their own behaviour and actions at work when they understand what the ‘corporate’ ambition is and how they can contribute to it, and are recognised for that effort. There is wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm at every level of an organisation and when dots are connected effectively the insights everyone gains can be harnessed to drive real and positive change. It’s connecting the dots that is the key.”

Find Jane on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janelmitchell

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