Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Human Errors


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Human Errors

Adam Turteltaub for The Compliance & Ethics Blog:
Recently, we’ve witnessed a string of simple human errors that led to problems of epic proportions. The Oscars snafu is, of course, the Oscar winner in this category. For anyone who happened to miss this one, the accountant at PWC responsible for handing out the envelopes for the presenters to read, accidentally gave out the wrong envelope for best picture. Read more

Take Five: How Leaders Can Stamp Out Bad Behavior and Create a Culture of Integrity

From KelloggInsight:
Most of us hold ourselves to a high ethical standard at work, and we expect our company and coworkers to do the same. But ethical behavior is easier said than done. From Wells Fargo to Enron to the guy down the hall who steals office supplies, you likely can pretty easily name several examples of workplace malfeasance. Read more

Are You a Superforecaster? What Good Decision-Makers Have in Common [Podcast]

From Knowledge@Wharton:
While nobody can get forecasts right 100% of the time, research shows that there are certain kinds of people who are better at forecasting outcomes than others. Wharton marketing professors Barbara Mellers and Michael Platt, who are also Penn Integrates Knowledge (PIK) professors at the University of Pennsylvania, examine the intersection of marketing, psychology and neuroscience to understand the traits that “superforecasters” share and that can lead to better decision making. Read more

How Not To Run a Meeting with Your International Colleagues

Erin Meyer for Fast Company:
I was supposed to be coaching a French automotive executive and his wife for their upcoming move to Wuhan, China. The Chinese country expert assisting me, a 36-year-old Paris-based journalist from Wuhan, was articulate, extroverted, and very knowledgeable. Read more

The No Excuses Culture

Steve Blank for Forbes:
Getting ready for our next semester’s class, I asked my Teaching Assistant why I hadn’t seen the posters for our new class around campus. Hearing the litany of excuses that followed –“It was raining.” (The posters go inside the building.) “We still have time.” (We had agreed they were to go up a week ago) — I had a strong sense of déjà vu. Read more
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