Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: What is an Honest Employee?



What is an Honest Employee

ace up his sleeve Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D., The Ethics Guy®, for The Compliance & Ethics Blog:
Honest employees are truthful employees. Ken Meyer, vice president of human resources at Community Health Services in New York City, told me how an employee’s passion for the truth potentially saved lives, certainly vanquished a cheater, and changed the way Ken runs employee orientation sessions. Read more

Who Has the Best Chance of Becoming a Leader?

hand caught in the cookie jar Emel Akan for Epoch Times
Not all leaders are the same. But good leaders have common personality and ability traits, says Harvard Business Review (HBR). It challenges the common belief that leadership is hard to predict and largely dependent on the circumstances. Read more

The Critical Role of Ethics and Culture in Business Globalization

look up ethics in the dictionary Kate Gerasimova for Business 2 Community
To avoid confusion about ethics in global businesses, it is suggested that businesses take three steps to help guarantee their companies’ employees behave appropriately and ethically.
Read more

Hire “Courageous” People to Foster Ethical Culture: SGX President

running in front of the clock Fiona Lam for HRM Asia
In screening job candidates, “courage” should be among the traits that recruiters look for, suggested Muthukrishnan Ramaswami, President of the Singapore Exchange. Organisations should bring in people who are not just committed and confident, but will also “stand up for what they think is right or wrong”, instead of those who behave ethically simply because they fear getting caught. Read more

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