Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Creating a Code of Ethics and Conduct


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Creating a code of ethics and conduct

By Anne R. Harris for National Defense
Companies that sell goods and services to the U.S. government must conduct business with honesty and integrity. To that end, every government contractor should have a written code of business ethics and conduct. Read more

The most important trait in a boss is this

By Marcel Schwantes for Inc.
What’s integrity worth to you? Is it a value you live by in business? Work life? With spouse and kids? Does it define who you are?

Let me up the ante: When you reach the crossroads of choosing between towing the line or taking the higher road and doing the right thing (even when nobody’s looking), what then?

Albert Einstein once said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”Read more

3 steps to protecting your business from workplace fraud

By Ash Noah for The Business Journals
In terms of culture, it’s important for senior executives to lead by example and set a strong tone from the top. Developing an anti-fraud policy and asking employees to sign a code of ethics also sends a message that fraud will not be tolerated, and encourages employees to identify instances where it’s occurring.

Second, it’s critical to implement an internal control system with policies and procedures designed to restrict opportunities and decrease the temptation to commit fraud. Read more

The importance of building ethics into artificial intelligence

By Kriti Sharma for Mashable
A crucial step toward building a secure and thriving AI industry is collectively defining what ethical AI means for people developing the technology – and people using it.

At Sage, we define ethical AI as the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans, built with the ability to autonomously conduct, support or manage business activity across disciplines in a responsible and accountable way. Read more


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