Emmelyn Kim on the Pandemic, ESG, Health Equity and Human Research [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Emmelyn Kim is AVP, Research Compliance & Privacy officer of Northwell Health in Lake Success, New York. She is also the authors of the chapters Clinical Research:  Financial Conflicts of Interest and Clinical Research: Human Research Protections for the new HCCA Complete Healthcare Compliance Manual.

Like the chapters themselves, the conversation in this podcast ventured well outside of the lab into some of the broader issues affecting research, the pandemic and both vaccine distribution and use patterns.

We began with a discussion of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) movement that has grown quickly from an ideal to actual compliance requirements already in many countries. Europe leads in this movement for now, but with so much money at stake it’s increasingly like that businesses in the US, including those in healthcare, will be measured on ESG metrics. At that point, ESG may become a compliance requirement.

Accelerating the trend, arguably, is the overlap in interests between ESG, diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, #MeToo, the Black Lives Matter movement and more recently efforts to stem anti-Asian hate crimes.

In addition, health equity is increasingly seeing scrutiny and concern, with the pandemic having different impacts when assessed by race.

She sees compliance playing a central role in the organizational response to these issues, serving as eyes and ears. Plus, compliance is best suited to spot ethical lapses and respond to them.

Listen in to learn more in this provocative podcast.