Breaking Down the Walls of how we Communicate to the Workforce

By Richard Bistrong
CEO, Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC.

On October 17th at 11:00 AM, I will be moderating an Advance Discussion Group (AD13) on “Breaking Down the Walls of how we Communicate to the Workforce.” I am really looking forward to hearing the challenges and best practices of attendees, as we address how compliance leaders can get others in the organization, including those in support functions, to understand that ethics and compliance is “everyone’s business.” In complex organizations, those lines of communication might not be formalized in an org chart, yet they are such an important aspect of how compliance challenges get shared, articulated, and hopefully amplified across and down into the organization.  I’ll ask a few questions to get the discussion going and to hopefully prompt participants to share how they inspire those on the front-lines to embrace their role as compliance ambassadors. It will be great to hear the experiences and perspectives of participants, in addressing how they communicate and express themselves in ways which are understandable, compact, and enduringly powerful. When it comes to compliance challenges, I’m anxious to prompt a conversation about how leaders find out if  “what they expect to be happening is actually happening,” and how they break down organizational walls to ‘lean in,’ and get to ‘what they don’t know.’

But aside from talking about this ADG, I also wanted to share my enthusiasm,  and appreciation to the SCCE, for asking me to moderate an ADG for the second consecutive year. ADG’s are really such an incredible forum. One doesn’t actually lead an ADG, it’s more about moderating the discussion, and asking a few poll questions to get the conversation going. It’s about promoting participants to ‘dig deep’ into their own experiences, perspectives, and practices for the benefit of everyone. In other words,  it’s not a teaching experience; rather, it’s an hour of total learning and immersion in a dynamic environment, with incredible sharing across industries, market-sectors, and cultures. So even if you can’t make this one, please don’t miss out on these sessions and what’s an engaging, educational, and yes, fun, experience!

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Richard Bistrong is the CEO of Front-line Anti-Bribery LLC.  Richard consults, writes and speaks on anti-bribery compliance and ethics issues through sharing his front-line experience as an international sales executive.  He can be reached at or through his website.