Ahmed Salim on Conducting an Internal Compliance Survey [Podcast]

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internal compliance survey

HCCA speaker and author Ahmed Salim and host Kortney Nordrum discuss how and why you should be conducting an internal compliance survey in your organization, including:

  • Why to conduct surveys in the first place;
  • How often you should conduct them;
  • How to identify the purpose of your survey and set goals;
  • Getting senior leadership buy-in;
  • Determining what questions to ask;
  • Choosing the survey method and distributing it to your organization;
  • The importance of Compliance Officer visibility;
  • Collecting and analyzing your data;
  • With whom and how to share your findings; and
  • Implementing change based off of your survey results.

Ahmed Salim is the Regional Compliance Officer for Presence Health in Chicago, IL. Prior to joining Presence Health, Ahmed was the Compliance Officer for Sutter Health Tracy & Los Banos, California. Also, Ahmed was the Risk & Compliance Manager and Privacy Officer at Lodi Health. Ahmed earned his Juris Doctor degree from Western Michigan Cooley Law School.

For a sample survey please contact Ahmed at: Asalim19@gmail.com

To view slides from Ahmed’s 2016 Compliance Institute presentation on Conducting an Internal Compliance Program Survey, click here: http://bit.ly/2a9iZmE